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Health and Safety Policy

See our new Pillar Kids health and safety guidelines here.

Pillar Childcare in Lafayette

At Pillar, we know supporting your work means supporting your family. That’s why we provide onsite childcare at our Lafayette office that gives you space and time to get things done (you’re welcome). 

Pillar Kids is a safe, clean, fun environment for children to create, investigate, and build relationships. Pillar Kids caters to the unique needs of your child, with 1:5 caretaker to child ratios that allow for intentional, individualized learning. 

pillar childcare play space

We support children’s learning through our environment and experiences that are:

  • Developmentally appropriate
  • Reflective of thoughtful observation and intentional planning
  • Individually and culturally meaningful
  • Inclusive of children with disabilities or other special needs

Like everything at Pillar, our childcare offerings were thoughtfully designed to bring out the best in our community. We can’t wait to meet your little ones.

Though we do follow the guideline and standards of California Community Care Licensing, we are not a licensed daycare and therefore require parents to stay on site.

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Childcare Amenities for Children & Parents

  • Premium childcare experience  for children ages 2-6 years Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
  • Safe and clean environment
  • Teachers are TrustLine certified, i.e. cleared through fingerprint check at the California Department of Justice
  • Teachers are equipped with a minimum of 12 units in Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • Nursing pod + milk storage for moms
  • Nap space for children
  • Child-centered events + performers
  • Cubbies and hooks  for personal items (lunchbox, outerwear) 

Childcare Curriculum & Environment

We follow a play-based, emergent curriculum that allows children to explore and discover areas of interest. To inform the individualized curriculum, teachers observe student play and encourage natural curiosity and skill development by areas of interest. Our teachers guide learning by asking questions and exploring concepts that build on prior knowledge. With areas including art, dramatic play, blocks, music and movement, literacy, math, and science, every child will find something engaging and exciting at Pillar Kids.

Pillar Kids Team

Alexa Simmons, Child Area Assistant Director

Alexa Simmons

Alexa leads the Pillar Kids learning space. She has loved working with children since she was a child and that love led her to completing her Bachelors of Arts in Child Development from Sacramento State University. She considers herself to be a “lifelong learner” and extends her education by taking Early Childhood Education(ECE) courses, as well as attending ECE conferences when possible. She has many years of experience teaching in a preschool setting and hopes to support the Pillar kiddos by letting them explore, investigate, and learn in their own special way.

Alexa is also a believer in helping children develop strong social-emotional skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Through her positive interactions with children, Alexa teaches empathy, compassion, understanding, and problem solving skills.

Ashley Parks, M.A., Consultant/Subject Matter Expert

Ashley Parks

Ashley is a Professor at Diablo Valley College, Presenter, and Education Consultant specializing in Curriculum. Ashley has acted as a consultant for Pillar since its planning and inception phases. She believes that children deserve to be loved, respected, and given the freedom to explore. Her background focuses on Emergent Curriculum, Project Work, and the Reggio Emilia Approach. It is her belief that children learn best through hands-on, collaborative, open-ended experiences that reflect their interests. These experiences teach children to work together, problem solve, and lead to a love of learning. Research has shown that children thrive in an environment that encourages curiosity and puts an emphasis on play. Ashley hopes that one day, all children (and adults!), will be given back their right to play!

Ashley received both her BA and MA in Child Development from CSUS. She currently resides in Brentwood, CA with her husband, highly energetic son, and several dogs.

Childcare Packages

We know that no two children are the same. We provide tiered childcare options to let you pick the membership option that’s right for your family.

Family Handbook

See our new Pillar Family Handbook here.

Our Childcare Packages

  • Platinum

    This package includes 140 hrs/mo. of childcare and a guaranteed spot Mon.-Fri. 9-4pm.

    Starting at
    $1700 toddler/preschooler ($12/hr)

  • Gold

    This package includes 60 hrs/mo used in the morning or afternoon slot. Parents reserve online to secure a space.

    Starting at
    $800 toddler/preschooler ($13/hr)

  • Silver

    This package includes 28 hrs/mo used in the morning or afternoon slot. Parents reserve online to secure a space.

    Starting at
    $540 toddler/preschooler ($19/hr)


Other Childcare Options

  • Event Space

    Includes private access to Pillar Childcare space, Saturday or Sunday. Perfect for your child’s next birthday!

    Starting at
    $175/hr, 2 hr minimum

  • Hourly Drop-in

    depending on availability. Parents reserve online in advance to secure a space.

    In the fight against COVID we are not currently accepting drop-ins to help keep stable cohorts of children. 

    Toddler/Preschooler $25/hr