Pillar Childcare

At Pillar, we realize having support with your little ones makes for a better you. Whether you plan to use our services full-time or only a few hours a week, we’ve got you covered. Our only caveat is that you have to stay on site as we are not a licensed daycare.

We support children’s learning through our environment and experiences that are:
  1. Developmentally appropriate
  2. Reflective of thoughtful observation and intentional planning
  3. Individually and culturally meaningful
  4. Inclusive of children with disabilities or other special needs

Amenities for Children & Parents

  • Premium childcare experience as we care for children ages three months through six years.
  • A safe, clean, fun environment for children; executes the California Community Care Licensing guidelines and standards.
  • Teachers who are equipped with a minimum of 12 units in Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • Nursing pod + milk storage for moms
  • Nap room
  • Child-centered events + performers


Our tiered approach acknowledges that no two needs are the same and as a bonus all plans include unlimited coworking. Parents select a package based on the number of hours they need on average per month.

Our Packages

  • Platinum

    This package includes 140 hrs/mo. of childcare and a guaranteed spot Mon.-Fri. 9-4pm.

    Starting at
    $1700 toddler/preschooler* ($12/hr)

  • Gold

    This package includes 60 hrs/mo used in the morning or afternoon slot. Parents reserve online to secure a space.

    Starting at
    $800 toddler/preschooler* ($13/hr)

  • Silver

    This package includes 28 hrs/mo used in the morning or afternoon slot. Parents reserve online to secure a space.

    Starting at
    $540 toddler/preschooler*($19/hr)

    *Premium is added for children under 24mo.

Other Options

  • Event Space

    Includes private access to Pillar Childcare space, Saturday or Sunday. Perfect for your child’s next birthday!

    Starting at
    $175/hr, 2 hr minimum

  • Hourly Drop-in

    depending on availability. Parents reserve online in advance to secure a space.

    Infant $30/hr
    Toddler/Preschooler $25/hr