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August 2023 Reflection

The School Year Begins! This month we kicked off our school year, welcoming new friends and sadly saying goodbye to others. August was busy and fun! We had a blast revamping our classroom and play yard, and introducing new materials and interest areas! For curriculum, both classes explored different modes of transportation, discussing different types […]

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Last Month at Pillar Kids: January 2023

January was a busy month for our Pillar Kids! We found ourselves needing to regroup and get back into preschool routines after our winter break. Once we settled in, things in our classroom took off! Our curriculum was filled with exciting topics, including seasonal/weather discussions, learning about Lunar New Year, and even watching some classroom […]

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Pillar Kids End of Year: December 2022

December 2022 at Pillar Kids Welcome to 2023 everyone! Even though December flew by, we hope you all had a chance to slow down and enjoy some relaxing family time. Reflecting on last month at Pillar, the teachers and children had a great time learning about various holiday traditions, including Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa. The classroom was revamped with […]

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Reflecting on November 2022

A Month in Review: November 2022 What happened this month at Pillar Kids? During November the fall-related activities continued. Our friends got a chance to explore more about this special time of the year, where many transformations occur in preparation for the winter season. Both groups explored some intriguing subject matters, and had a chance to participate in new […]

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Let’s Review October 2022 at Pillar Kids

What happened this month? The month of October was abuzz with Fall and Halloween fever. The teachers and children had a great time decorating the classroom for the occasion. Naturally the children were excited to share about their costumes for trick-or-treating, and enjoyed the yummy treats from the festivities. Our first annual Fall Fest was certainly a success! We […]

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Let’s Review September 2022 at Pillar Kids

What happened this month? September was a fun month, as we officially said good-bye to summer and settled into a more regular school-time routine. Friends explored many new topics and discovered new abilities along with it. In the classroom – Ms. Angelina introduced our new “Writing Center” that features dedicated space for friends to practice […]

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Let’s Review August 2022 at Pillar Kids!

August 2022 This month, we kicked off our 2022-2023 school year and we are excited to get things started! Our teachers have so many plans for play, exploration, and learning. Stay tuned each month as we share what is happening inside the classroom with our monthly newsletters, as well as weekly pictures and digests from Kaymbu. Parents who […]

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A Month in Review at Pillar Kids – July 2022

This month, both our preschool and toddler groups, explored animals from “Habitats around the World” and it was amazing! By reading books, singing songs, and creating beautiful art work – we learned about different animals, including Elephants and Lions from the Safari, Tigers from the Asian Jungles, Polar Bears from the Arctic, and more!    Preschool Group (Ms. Angelina) The […]

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A Month in Review at Pillar Kids – June 2022

June’s focus revolved around the wonderful world of dinosaurs! The children were excited to explore volcano science, dinosaur habitats, and even do ice and salt experiments. In Ms. Angelina’s class, the group worked on their language development skills as they compared similarities between different types of dinosaurs, introducing the children to vocabulary words such as “carnivores”, “herbivores”,”eruption”, “extinction”, “erosion”, and many […]

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Spend Summer 2022 at Pillar Kids!

Spend Summer 2022 at Pillar Kids!  Are you searching for some summer fun for your little one? We are thrilled to announce that Pillar Kids Childcare has planned nine weeks of summer awesomeness to keep everyone happy! Each week between June 6 – August 5, 2022, children ages 2-5 years old are invited to explore […]

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Winter Wonder

A Month in Review January 2022  With the transition to Winter came much needed rain here in the bay area and lots of fresh snow up in the mountains. So we brought the frigid fun indoors here at Pillar Kids. We’ve had lots of fun learning about the water cycle and winter weather for the […]

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Hello Fall!

A Month in Review The month of October has been full of learning about all things fall — from apples to pumpkins and, of course, Halloween! As the season changes outdoors, we also enter a new season inside the classroom. A new teacher and new friends has meant finding a new rhythm together, and we […]

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