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Virtual Mail Service - Access Secure Digital Mailbox From Multiple Devices
Virtual Mail Service - Login To Secure Digital Mailbox From Your Device
Virtual Mail Service - Review Mail Received With Your Device
Virtual Mail Service - Choose To View, Forward Or Dispose Mail

What is a Virtual Office at Pillar Cowork?

Virtual office or virtual mail service allows members to utilize a business address as an invaluable resource for small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. who seek to establish a business presence in a new area. Virtual mail services allow members to access mail through a digital mailbox, where they can view the mail received and then decide to either:

  1. Pick mail up;
  2. Have it forwarded;
  3. Thrown away/recycled

These options are a necessity for non-local clients, but it can be a great perk for local members too!

Why is a Virtual Office Important for my Business?

  • Obtain a professional business address to establish business identity.
  • Avoid having mail delivered to their home address – keep your personal information private.
  • Who do not have reliable mail service or package delivery at home.

How Do I Get Started?

Pillar has teamed up with Anytime Mailbox, which allows you to view and manage your mail on-the-go. You no longer have to come into a physical location, just to find an empty box. Sign up online or call us today!

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Office?

  • Professional business address.
  • Increased privacy, not using home address.
  • Consistent business address, despite relocations.
  • Affordable for small businesses and start ups.

or call us at (925) 334-7099 to get started!