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Img 9186“Same, same, but different” was our motto for the month of August. Our “All About Me” theme introduced Pillar Kids to classroom diversity, unfamiliar cultures, and family structures. As we transition out of this exciting and impactful theme, Pillar Kids welcomes a new study. For the month of September, Pillar Kids will be investigating Trees.Img 9032

Trees are all around us. To name a few, trees provide us clean air and give necessary materials to live. Recently, our children at Pk Extra Notice 2Pillar Kids have been collecting fallen “berries” from our great big tree outside. They are intrigued when discovering that these berries act as food to the many animals who surround the tree (birds, squirrels, etc). Investigating trees throughout September will give Pillar Kids the opportunity to explore specific topics such as:

  1. What are the characteristics of trees?
  2. Who lives in trees?
  3. What food that we eat comes from trees?
  4. How do trees change?

To support a tree investigation with your child, here’s what you can do at home:

  • Take a nature walk around your neighborhood or local park. Ask “I wonder” questions such as, Pk Extra Notice I wonder what tree is the biggest?” “I wonder what tree is the oldest?” “I wonder what the tree trunk feels like?”
  • Collect tree objects (leaves, a sample of sap, branches) that you can bring home to create tree art. 
  • Read books about trees such as: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Abiyoyo or Our Tree Named Steve

By the end of September, Pillar Kids will explore the fascinating ways that trees contribute to our world.