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Spend Summer 2022 at Pillar Kids! 

Are you searching for some summer fun for your little one? We are thrilled to announce that Pillar Kids Childcare has planned nine weeks of summer awesomeness to keep everyone happy! Each week between June 6 – August 5, 2022, children ages 2-5 years old are invited to explore two rich subject-matters with so much to explore: The World of Dinosaurs and Wildlife Around the World. Pillar Kids will be exploring it all! This thematic approach for our summer program allows teaching and learning to integrate with one another while keeping PLAY at the center of it all. Our summer activities are designed to support your child’s previous knowledge on each subject and spark new discoveries along the way! How cool is that? 

Pillar Kids Childcare is designed for working moms and dads to work in our coworking space, which is adjacent to the childcare center. While you get your work done, your child enjoys the fun with our talented teaching staff. Plus when you sign up for one of our childcare packages, you get FREE coworking! Our camps run Monday through Friday 9-4pm. Click the link to view our childcare packages HERE. Families can sign up for monthly camps or individual weeks ($425/week) depending on their needs. Check out how it went at last year’s Pillar Kids summer camp

NOTE: Parent’s must work onsite at Pillar’s coworking space in order for children to attend Pillar’s summer camp. 

How to register: 

  1. Email with your desired summer schedule. 
  2. Pillar staff will respond with a registration package and invoice to secure your child’s space. 

Weeks #1 – 4: The World of Dinosaurs 

June 5 – Jul 1, 2022Summer Camp Week 1 2

We’re kicking off our summer program by investigating dinosaurs! It’s time to jump in the time traveling machine because
we’re going back to the era of Jurassic Park! This month Pillar Kids will complete activities addressing a variety of
developmental domains, including language/reading, gross and fine motor, math, science, music, and more! Join us as we explore the life cycles of various dinosaurs, taking a glimpse into what life was like in a very special, prehistoric time.

Weeks #5 – 9: Wildlife Around the World

July 5 – August 5, 2022Summer Camp Week 1 3

Did you know that educated science activities provide children opportunities to analyze, reason, and problem solve? During this
month, Pillar Kids will be exploring wildlife around the world, including
habitats and animals from the African and Australian Forests, Amazonia, Asian Rainforest, Oceans and the Savannah. As a group, we will investigate various habitats, communities, and ecosystems to learn more about the species living within each unique habitat. Our exploration will involve conversations about the planet’s overall health and discussions around how we can do our part to enable a sustainable, long-term future for our planet. Come join us on our exciting journey!