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Our first month of Summer Camp is complete! June kept us actively engaged as a new topic of investigation was introduced each week. Throughout the month, we explored the Ocean, Outer Space, Bugs, and Arts & Crafts.  Every day, something new and exciting was discovered at Pillar Kids. Our weekly topics of exploration encouraged Pillar Kids to ask questions and share familiar information with one another. Here’s a quick Summer Camp recap so far:4

Week #1: Under the Sea

Pillar Kids dove deep into the trenches by learning about the ocean’s wildlife and structure. Questions such as, “What do whales eat?” and “How deep is the ocean?” were a few of the many curious questions that were asked throughout the week. Pillar Kids’ interest in the ocean encouraged them to investigate the wildlife that roams in each layer of the ocean.

Week #2: 1,2,3, Blast Off!

Pillar Kids were ready for lift off when they entered the second week of summer camp. Our space exploration week introduced
new concepts to investigate such as the solar system, rocket ships, and astronauts. Pillar Kids made real world connections when they discovered the moon and the sun were both outside during this week.2

Week #3: Arts & Crafts

Pillar Kids let their imagination and creativity flow during this week. Our arts & crafts week encouraged Pillar Kids to create personal pieces of work by using various art mediums. Pillar Kids made several discoveries such as recognizing that red and blue paint make purple. This week encouraged Pillar Kids to create freely with no limitations.

Week #4: Bugs!

Pillar Kids investigated unique life forms by exploring various insects. During this week, Pillar Kids compared and contrasted insects such as ladybugs, ants, spiders, and worms. Pillar Kids discovered that insects come in all different types of shapes, sizes, and colors. By participating in a hands-on activity with worms, Pillar Kids were able to identify insect characteristics and traits. 1