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We have summer plans for you!

Are you searching for some summer fun for your little one? We are thrilled to announce that Pillar Kids Childcare has planned ten weeks of summer awesomeness just for your child! Each week between June 1st- August 6th, your child will participate in activities that relate to a particular theme. From the Mesozoic Era, to the ocean, and all the way to outer space, Pillar Kids Childcare will be exploring it all! This thematic approach for our summer program allows teaching and learning to integrate with one another. Our planned weekly themes will support your child’s previous knowledge on a specific subject and even spark new discoveries! How cool is that?

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Pillar Kids x Lovevery Partnership

We are so excited to finally announce our partnership with Lovevery in the Pillar Kids Childcare. Lovevery is known for their beautifully crafted stage-based play materials that encourage purposeful playtimes. Their award-winning materials aredesigned by child development experts with the goal of helping parents feel confident that their children are getting the best start in life.

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How starting my business took my Mommy Skills to the next level!

How can someone who works long days, late nights, and wakes up grumpy consider themselves to be a “better mother”? Well, if it weren’t for my business Pillar Cowork and Childcare, I would be in even worse shape as a parent. For those who don’t know, Pillar is a state-of-the-art coworking space that provides the exceptional amenity of onsite-childcare for working parents who need that support. When my business partner and I decided to start Pillar about 5 years ago, I knew owning a child
care meant being responsible for people’s most valuable possessions – their children! As a new mother myself, I decided it was a great time to start studying the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE) to educate myself and figure out how exactly to run a high-quality childcare.

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