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Are you searching for some summer fun for your little one? We are thrilled to announce that Pillar Kids Childcare has planned ten weeks of summer awesomeness just for your child! Each week between June 1st- August 6th, your child will participate in activities that relate to a particular theme. From the Mesozoic Era, to the ocean, and all the way to outer space, Pillar Kids Childcare will be exploring it all! This thematic approach for our summer program allows teaching and learning to integrate with one another. Our planned weekly themes will support your child’s previous knowledge on a specific subject and even spark new discoveries! How cool is that?

San Dias Community Center 2

Pillar Kids Childcare is designed for working moms and dads to work in our coworking space, Pillar Cowork, that is adjacent to the childcare center. While you get your work done, your child enjoys the fun with our Lead Teacher, Miss. Vanessa. When you sign up for one of our childcare packages, you get FREE coworking! Click the link to view our childcare options. 

How to register: 

    1. Sign up for a childcare package that best supports your needs and receive free coworking!
    2. Drop children off at Pillar’s childcare
    3. Get your work done in our adjacent coworking space

Week #1: Under The Sea 

We’re kicking off our summer program by investigating the ocean! The ocean is a remarkable body of water with tons of intriguing and beautiful life that roams inside. During this week, Pillar Kids will participate in activities involving aquatic animals and the ocean’s structure.

Week #2: 1,2,3, Blast Off! 

All aboard! Week #2 is taking us to outer space! Throughout the second week, Pillar Kids will be introduced to a possible new subject: the solar system. Pillar Kids will participate in activities that will explore the atmosphere beyond planet Earth.

Week #3: Arts & Crafts 

Does your child enjoy arts and crafts? During week #3, Pillar Kids will be getting crafty! During this week, Pillar Kids will release their inner artist by designing and constructing beautiful pieces of art to take home.

Week #4: Bugs!

Bring on the bugs! Children obtain a natural curiosity towards the many insects that are around us. On week #4, Pillar Kids will investigate the life cycle of a butterfly! That’s right.. Pillar Kids will observe how a caterpillar grows into a butterfly along with other activities that will support our bug study.

Week #5: Dinosaurs 

It’s time to jump in the time traveling machine because we’re going back to the Mesozoic Era! It’s a common human thought to think how life once was when dinosaurs were roaming the planet. During week #5, Pillar Kids will participate in activities that will explore the life cycles of various dinosaurs.

Week #6: Science: Let’s Experiment! 

Did you know that educated science activities provide children opportunities to analyze, reason, and problem solve? During this week, Pillar Kids will be exploring cause and effect by participating together in some science fun.

Week #7: Color Creations 

Could you imagine life without color? Throughout week #7, Pillar Kids will explore what happens when colors mix or blend together. As a group, we will investigate what happens when primary colors: red, blue, and yellow collide.

Week #8 & 9: Move Your Body! 

Gross motor movement plays a big role in the development of young children so we’re dedicating two weeks of fun towards moving our bodies! Pillar Kids will explore various bodily movements at different paces through yoga, obstacle courses, and balancing games.

Week #10: Garden 

Our outdoor space makes a great area to garden fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables in our planter bins. During this week, Pillar Kids will explore and investigate how a planted seed blooms with help from some water and the sun.