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Summer camp has come to an end and we are thrilled to say that it was a great success! Our weekly themes kept us busy while having lots of fun as we studied and investigated various subjects of interest. As we transition out of summer camp and into the beginning of back to school season, we will return to exploring one theme for each month.Img 8963

The topic of focus for August is “All About Me”. Throughout August, Pillar Kids will explore their individuality, interests, and families. At Pillar Kids, the children will have the opportunity to explore cultural awareness in the classroom. By participating in activities that support self diversity, Pillar Kids will create the understanding that we all have alike and unlike characteristics. As we welcome the new school year, “All About Me” will offer wondrous opportunities for Pillar Kids to connect with themselves, their peers, and their community. 




What families can do at home to support “All About Me”:

When learning is sharedImg 8975 2 between school and home, there are more opportunities to expand interest and knowledge. At home, families can support this month’s theme in several ways:

  • Listen to music that explores the body. (e.g. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes) 
  • Gather family pictures to create a photo album. 

By the end of August, Pillar Kids will celebrate all the ways that make them the same and different from one another.