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What happened this month?

The month of October was abuzz with Fall and Halloween fever. The teachers and children had a great time decorating the Kaymbu Image 20230106 2038classroom for the occasion. Naturally the children were excited to share about their costumes for trick-or-treating, and enjoyed the yummy treats from the festivities. Our first annual Fall Fest was certainly a success! We had so many of our past, present, and future families show up to enjoy the day. That was followed by our Halloween Parade in the office space. Thank you to all of the families who were able to participate, we had a BLAST!

Toddler Group (Ms. Lam’s group)

In October, our toddlers focused on the colors orange and red. For the color Orange, the children got to experiment with puff paint and glue to make a collage using leaves. For the color Red, we sang “Five Red Apples in the Apple Tree” during circle time. The toddlers learned to listen and wait for their names to be called for their turn to pick an apple off the tree. So fun!! One of the books they enjoyed reading this month is called “Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?” by Eric Carle. They will love to read it again, here’s a read-along you may want to watch with them.

Up next – November’s theme will be woodland/farm animals.

Preschool Group (Ms. Angelina’s group)

Signs of Halloween were present throughout the classroom and reflected in the topics we discussed during the month. We Kaymbu Image1 20230106 2038explored the topic of spiders, learning they have eight legs, are hairy, and are not usually harmful to humans. We also learned about bats. We discussed how they are nocturnal (active at night), use sonar (sound) waves when hunting prey, and sleep upside down. While the focus was on Halloween, the circle time lessons were about taking the “scary” out of these subjects, while learning more facts about the subjects. We also addressed monsters, what they are and do we really need to be afraid of them? We also talked about the difference between a pumpkin and a jack-o-lantern. The children enjoyed finger paintinggluing, and using our imagination to turn everyday objects into beautiful works of seasonal art.

Vocabulary words introduced this month were autumn, smooth, rough, bumpy, nocturnal, sonar, arachnids, poisonous, venom, Frankenstein, and mummy.

Kaymbu Image 20230106 2051