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August 2022

This month, we kicked off our 2022-2023 school year and we are excited to get things started! Our teachers have so many plans for play, exploration, and learning. Stay tuned each month as we share what is happening inside the classroom with our monthly newsletters, as well as weekly pictures and digests from Kaymbu.Kaymbu Image 20220907 1706 3

Parents who want more insight into their child’s development may request a CORAdvantage skills assessment be completed for his/her child, which looks at 9 developmental domains: Approaches to Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Physical Health and Development; Language and Literacy; Mathematics; Creative Arts; Science and Technology; Social Studies; and English Language Learning.

Preschool Group (Ms. Angelina’s group)

This month we focused on the children’s favorite subject – themselves, in our unit “All About Me”. Through circle time discussions and teacher guided activities, the preschool class learned about each other’s favorite things, like colors and foods. We traced our bodies, learned about the important job of our skin, as we painted the children’s feet and handprints. We also measured how tall we are and how much we weigh, expanding our counting and math skills. We learned about the inside of our bodies, exploring language skills with new vocabulary as we discussed what our immune system does, how our food is digested and what happens to the food our body doesn’t use! Lastly, we learned about Kaymbu Image 20220907 1711our skeletal system and how we move our body. This was a fun-packed month and the children enjoyed exploring this fascinating subject! In September, we will focus on community helpers.

Toddler Group (Ms. Lam’s group)

Our youngest friends in Ms. Lam’s talked about body parts as well, and how to use gentle touches with our hands. We also talked different types of emotions, asking children to model their “angry”, “happy”, and “sad” faces. They also enjoyed singing the classic song “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, which is always fun.

We introduced a couple of new songs during group time this month, one of them is sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O where I sing, “I know a girl / boy who loves to play and ( Child’s name ) was his/her name O ( Spelling out the child’s name)”. Coming up in September we will be talking about transportation vehicles, like school buses, planes, and boats. We know the little ones will love this topic!

Books we read this month in Ms. Lam’s class:

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