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The month of May was dedicated to learning all about the Safari! Pillar Kids’ common interest in wild animals (lions, tigers, etc.) led to a month-long investigation on African Safaris. Split into four weeks, Pillar Kids studied various topics relating to Safari life. Each weekly topic that was investigated throughout our Safari curriculum was supported  by language, math, art, science, social studies, and movement activities.Copy Of Monthly Newsletter 3

During week #1, Pillar Kids explored the topic: “What animals can you find on a safari?” In this exploration, Pillar Kids was introduced to familiar and unfamiliar Safari animals. Pillar Kids explored Safari animal traits, their abilities, and also their habitat. Pillar Kids also made the connection that African Safari animals are the ones that a person can see at the zoo!

Throughout week #2, Pillar Kids explored the topic: “Who can you find on an African Safari?” As a group, Pillar Kids discovered that wild animals, tourists, and African American tribes were mostly found at an African Safari. By exploring “Who can you find at an African Safari?”, Pillar Kids learned about new cultures and their people. We even learned how to count to 10 in Swahili!

During week #3, Pillar Kids explored the topic: “Where are the African safaris?” Pillar Kids Safari curriculum created new exposure and learning opportunities around specific geographical locations. Pillar Kids made the connection that Africa is different compared to the United States.

On week #4, Pillar Kids explored the topic: “What do wild animals do on the safari?” With the support of Pillar Kids’ reading corner’s Safari books, Pillar Kids discovered that safari animals hunt, play, and sleep.

Pillar Kids’ initial shared interest in the physicality of wild animals generated many wonderful learning moments that were beyond the appearance of wild animals themselves. Studying the African Safaris gave Pillar Kids the opportunity to make real life connections between the animals and cultures at an African Safari.