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A Month in Review

The month of October has been full of learning about all things fall — from apples to pumpkins and, of course, Halloween! As the season changes outdoors, we also enter a new season inside the classroom. A new teacher and new friends has meant finding a new rhythm together, and we are all starting to settle in. Here are some highlights from the past weeks!

New Skills

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We have spent a lot of time this past month working on our social skills. Learning how to initiate play, navigate conflict, take Img 4133 2turns, and communicate with peers are all skills we have been practicing daily in Pillar Kids. We are also learning how to set boundaries, offer an apology when needed, and help out our friends when they are struggling with something.

Mathematical Reasoning

Many of our fall themed activities this month included math concepts and reasoning, including counting, sorting,measurement, and comparison. We “picked apples” and sorted them by color to see Img 4135which category had the most and the least. We also “fed the squirrels” by counting acorns and used spooky ten-frames and spider rings to work on numbers 1 to 10.


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