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Fostering strong connections within hybrid and remote teams can feel like a challenge. But here at Pillar Cowork, we believe that building a thriving community extends beyond just providing a space to work. We’re passionate about helping teams connect and collaborate, and that’s why we offer a place where teams can engage in a variety of engaging team-building activities.


Why Team Building Matters

Strong team bonds aren’t just about workplace happiness. They lead to better communication, increased productivity, and a more positive work environment. Here at Pillar Cowork, we understand that building these bonds requires deliberate effort, especially for teams that work remotely.


Engaging Activities for Every Team

Whether your team is fully remote, partially remote, or embraces a hybrid model, Pillar Cowork has activity ideas to bridge the gap and spark collaboration. 


Activities that promote teamwork and collaboration


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Hybrid Scavenger Hunts: Get everyone moving with a scavenger hunt that combines physical and digital clues. Remote team members can guide their on-site colleagues via video chat, promoting teamwork and problem-solving across locations.


Master Class Mania: Unleash your team’s hidden talents! Our spacious meeting rooms are perfect for hosting “master classes” where team members share their unique skills and hobbies. From photography basics to sourdough baking, these sessions foster connection and create a space for unexpected learning.


Virtual Escape Rooms: Bond over a thrilling virtual escape room challenge! Work together to solve puzzles, crack codes, and escape the virtual room within a time limit. It’s a fun and interactive way to boost communication and problem-solving in a remote setting.


Pillar Cowork: Your Team-Building Hub

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Beyond offering a range of activities, Pillar Cowork provides the ideal environment to bring your team together on a daily basis. Our bright, modern meeting room and space is equipped with everything you need for a successful team meeting or event, including high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and audio/visual equipment. 


We can also help with catering and logistics, ensuring your team-building event runs smoothly from start to finish.


Building a Stronger Team Starts Here

Ready to take your team to the next level? Pillar Cowork is more than just a coworking space – it’s a community hub designed to foster connection and collaboration. Contact us today to discuss your team-building needs and explore how Pillar Cowork can help you build a stronger, more engaged team.


Together, let’s bridge the physical and virtual divide and create teams that thrive!