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June’s focus revolved around the wonderful world of dinosaurs! The children were excited to explore volcano science, dinosaur Kaymbu Image 20220815 2215habitats, and even do ice and salt experiments. In Ms. Angelina’s class, the group worked on their language development skills as they compared similarities between different types of dinosaurs, introducing the children to vocabulary words such as “carnivores”, “herbivores”,”eruption”, “extinction”, “erosion”, and many more! Kaymbu Image 20220815 2218
The toddler class spent a lot of time working on their social-emotional skills, as some little ones worked through separation anxiety while saying good-byes to mom and dad during the day. Once settled, our friends also explored the world of dinosaurs, working on fine motor skills while playing with dinosaurs in the sand and even giving dinosaurs a bath!. With the weather heating up, the children got to enjoy lots of fun water play outside, with water tables, spray bottles and even a small wading pool!Kaymbu Image 20220815 2217 2

During the last week of June, we learned about our “country’s birthday” as we prepared to celebrate the 4th of July. Friends explored the colors of the American flag as they made fun art work with the colors of red, white, and blue.
Kaymbu Image 20220815 2215 2 Kaymbu Image 20220815 2216